Below is an excerpt from a recording of the five hour "hearing" at West London Magistrates "Court" last week.

That was then "adjourned"...

So..... I could be subjected to further inhuman and degrading treatment/pain and suffering...because we are upholding law trying to stop war crimes.

At 0.39.. "it" should actually read "he" at the beginning of "Babs" sentence.

In a nutshell, the Judge sidestepped the (whole) point (of law) that it would be an abuse of process (and then some) to "prosecute" - me - where (for example) the Secretary of State for the Home Department (Ms May) was (reduced to) nobbling High Court Judges (which is a serious abuse of power) so police could steal our property (etc).

If you have cause to scratch much beyond the surface of a far from legal British "Justice" system sadly you will discover it is very simon says (ie: often what the state can get away with ?)

That is why you get people like the British Foreign Secretary of State William Hague signing off a disgusting letter (see below) basically backing business interests over people. 

Without mention of law.

While the state cynically use the criminal justice system to "prosecute" us for upholding law, which in all sorts of practical ways, creates a number of difficulties for them.

Because to prosecute the people for upholding law, will for starters, inevitably always create an abuse of process, often at many levels.

To Example:

The state's latest attempt at dragging us into the criminal justice system involved our needing a "reasonable excuse" for peacefully campaigning/upholding the law, under something ridiculous called the POLICE REFORM & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ACT 2011 ss 141-150.

In European law, once you have notified/the authorities know what you are pecefully doing, which in essence is the only way the "reasonable excuse" could be construed, that is the end of the matter.

However since their new legislation (aka Plan A) was intended to provide cover for theft, that did not go to plan...when we remained, it appears there was no Plan B.

So, the Secretary of State then had to start nobbling High Court Judges to try and cover up what she had got the police et al to do, and has continued to get them to do.

So, inevitably when we were at West London Magistrates the other week, ridiculously being prosecuted for ....upholding law (where the state will not uphold law) the issue of the Secretary of State nobbling High Court judges inevitably came up...

It happened like this...

Inspector Wiles gave evidence on the witness stand, in court that he had been sent emails (that he did not have on him, but must now be disclosed) from the highest levels in the MET Police, making it clear to him he would have to, (we say) steal our property !!!!

So, because I knew of the emails between the lawyers for the Secretary of State, the Metropolitan Police Commisioner and s High Court Judge (et al) on January 17th 2012, I wondered if he had seen the same emails I had.

So I had to ask him if he knew that the SSHD was nobbling High Court Judges, so that he could steal our property, because while I knew what the emails I had seen revealed, I could not know what the emails he had been sent told him.

And when the Judge quickly dived in ..she went from saying I needed to make an Application, to, it was not her "concern".

Which was interesting... legally speaking.

In that she had in essence made a ruling without seeing (the quite significant relevance of) the emails.

While happily giving a lengthy adjournment so that I continue to be subjected to further inhuman and degrading treatment. 

The state seem most interested in wanting people to accept that there must be pain and suffering if you challenge the state.

And that the state will decide what is acceptable pain and suffering.

While I cannot see any valid reason for that - entire - way of thinking at all.

An so it remains quite a dark journey of discovery where the state have become disconnected from human beings.

What we can say, is that they do know what they are doing.

And let's face it, the latest Minister of Injustice, Ken Clarke is not going to blow the whistle on his colleague, the latest Secretary of State, Ms May - or - better still have an inquiry into the true relationship between the politicians and judges, so we have to put the emails and recordings into Europe.

There need to be some basic changes to the "system", involving some checks and balances that are actually effective.

So that people not business, become the priority.

freedom, fairness and human rights ?? ...the law...of the jungle ?