DAY 3995: THURSDAY MAY 10TH 2012.

On May 9th 2012, MET Police spent nearly an hour and a half searching ...just behind our small display... (for a way to arrest Babs)

On May 10th 2012, at 2AM, CID who at least were polite, were putting together an "evidential package" /investigating whether the CPS can swing it being in the public interest for politicians to get away with calling an umbrella a new....crime.....

Apparently it's an uphill battle to find what is a ...crime..in an umbrella..

Now who'd have thought that ...?

Babs was being persecuted....

Anyway, later today the police marched in Central London, as they and the government have a squabble over money.

Not law. Just money. Where did law go ? When did law go ?

a policeman gave me a cap..whoops it fell in the ...gutter..

Law - does not really seem to come into the equation for either these days.

The police are content to arrest us - because - we are peacefully speaking out against the state who are committing war crimes.

oh dear...who will the politicians get to go on tent patrol ?

And the police are indifferent to the suffering of innocent civilians who are being killed in the illegal wars.

So I cannot, in good conscience support police, who at the expense of - the lives - of others, turn a blind eye to law and follow orders, just to collect their pay cheque.

Innocent civilians should not be dying in illegal wars of aggression.

And we should not be arrested for trying to uphold the laws of war.

When the police and the state do not.

the cuts are.......a crime ?

but ??...the secretary of state (on their t-shirt) helped their commissioner out of a fix...over the illegal seizure of our campaign on january 16th 2012