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DAY 3993: TUESDAY MAY 8TH 2012.

Our message to this government is simple.

Stop Killing.

The recent media led, elections only serve to confirm that people recognise that simply voting will not always resolve the most serious failings in government.

Because it is not politics, but law that creates the society that we live in.

And when a state is committing Genocide in illegal wars of aggression, there are no laws that exist or that can be made by them, that would lawfully prevent the people from peacefully challenging the state....on law.

So, despite the very best efforts of the state and widespread media "commentary", our 24/7 campaign continues to weather the various storms, we encounter in Parliament Square, in our opposing the government.

And in trying to remove us, the state are only confirming that they clearly know that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are/were illegal.

Last week, it had come to pass that in ongoing illegal attempts to remove our campaign, we had put out a "press release". We demanded disclosure so that we could bring a civil claim against the Secretary of State for the Home Department, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, the Leader of Westminster City Council, a High Court Judge, and Bindmans, a law firm for... misfeasance etc.

In response they did a "press release" of their own.


This case study, using a combination of documents, photographs, news articles and commentary shines a light on how war does not just happen but is a result of all sides of the Establishment closing ranks to illegally promote wars of aggression.

And given that our case study proves that police, judges, lawyers, media, and politicians work together to promote killing our fellow human beings, the Leveson Inquiry can only be, yet another stage managed media production that is not only misusing law but is in no way related to law.

The five documents (see below at end) that are relevant to our case study of a cover up are:

1) A High Court order dated December 22nd 2011 which meant Westminster City Council were not going to enforce a new law against anyone.

In fact our campaign had a High Court ruling from March 17th 2011, that our tents were proportionate.

2) the disclosure of selective emails sent to the High Court on January 17th 2012 from the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Westminster City Council and Bindmans Solicitors.

3) A letter dated January 27th 2012, from Paul Ridge of Bindmans solicitors who represented Ms
Gallastegui (an agent provocateur) of Peace Strike, written to the High Court, in which he lied, when he dishonestly claimed all parties in a Westminster Claim agreed to adjourn, when he knew that Babs Tucker did not agree to adjourn what had come to include her counterclaim)

4) A second High Court Order dated February 7th 2012.

5) A letter dated April 23rd 2012, from Sonn Macmillan Walker to Mr Harris from the Crown Prosecution service.


On January 16th 2012, the Metropolitan Police swept into Parliament Square en-masse and - stole - our campaign tents and contents without bringing proceedings against us.

(Because we already had the High Court ruling that our tents are proportionate)

In hindsight, all assumed that our campaign would not survive, in the depths of winter.

Not only did our campaign survive but:

On January 17th 2012, The Secretary of State, and others wrote a series of emails discussing what all knew was an illegal seizure the previous evening.

On January 25th 2012, Superintendent Morgan comes down to harass our campaign.

On January 27th 2012, Babs went to the High Court to collect some documents relating to the Mayor of London who was taking Babs back to court, because our campaign that continued was still showing our banners which showed the government was involved in Genocide & extraordinary rendition and torture.

When Babs was at the High Court she asked for a copy of the court order that was made on January 16th 2012, that had led to the police stealing our campaign property.

It transpired that there was no court order that was made on January 16th 2012. There was only a court order that was made on December 22nd 2011, which prevented the theft of our property.

Alerted to the fact that Babs had a copy of the court order protecting everyone, all parties to a claim Babs was not involved in, had to conspire to pervert the course of justice and invent a second court order.

On January 27th 2012, Paul Ridge from Bindmans Solicitors who was knowingly representing agent provocateurs, running a government operation called Peace Strike, wrote a letter dated January 27th 2012, (that was not copied to Babs but) to the courts dishonestly claiming that all parties to a claim brought by Westminster City Council in February 2011, had agreed to adjourn that claim.

Mr Ridge and all the other parties knew that Babs as a party too, had not agreed to adjourn the Westminster City Council claim, where Babs had brought a counter - claim against all other parties on August 10th 2011.

Where an adjournment was not agreed a hearing must take place.

Indeed had the WCC claim gone ahead, and much earlier, a new law to try and remove us, and therefore the theft on January 16th 2012, could never have happened.

On January 28th and January 29th 2012, the government operation called Peace Strike are seen organizing with Westminster City Council to down size, from two boxes and three tents, to one box and one tent, which fitted in with what the media had reported remained.
On February 7th 2012, with the appearance of a second court order, which said the Metropolitan Police agreed not to remove Ms Gallastegui, it was proved, not just on the balance of probabilities, but beyond reasonable doubt, that:

1) The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police (and many police officers)
2) The Leader of Westminster City Council  (and their legal department and councillors)
3) Ms Gallastegui
4) Mr Paul Ridge of Bindmans Solicitors
5) the Secretary of State for the Home Department
6) High Court Judges (incl: Justice Lang & PQBD Lord Justice Thomas)

had all lied and were in fact, working together to pervert the course of justice ....to try to remove our campaign.

And when a Mr Harris from the CPS was put on the spot, and repeatedly failed without lawful excuse to provide as he was bound to do, the reasons as to how it was in the "public interest" to arrest and prosecute our campaign, (and not Ms Gallastegui) when I was then arrested over putting our tents back up, on April 2nd 2012, ...

The state called in the media to cover up as much as they could.

However - clear evidence - remains of the Secretary of State for the Home Department, working with High Court Judges et al, to pervert the course of justice...

On May 3rd 2012, in the latest episode of a state production, the media were once again called in to put out the state's version of events in what turned out to be a change of strategy on their part.


Chief Inspector Davison and his little book of ....lies

police, agent provocateur and police box in background.

In the photograph above, a Ch Insp Davison and PC Smithy are having a conversation with Ms Gallastegui, the state's agent provocateur.

Given that the documents show that once the second court order was produced and they sought to adjourn the WCC claim, they all knew they had all lied...perhaps the conversation went something like this:

Police: Although the second court order and Bindmans letter bought us time, to push through a fake ruling, we can't explain why we didn't remove you and your entourage in the raid on January 16th 2012.

Agent Provocateur Gallastegui: And I have had to cover up that letter dated January 27th 2012, that my lawyer, Paul Ridge, from Bindmans' wrote, where we had to tell the courts all parties (incl Babs) agreed to adjourn the original WCC claim, when we all know she would never agree to adjourn her counterclaim against us all.

Police: So the press are going to run the media production again.

Police: I suppose the ...best ...spin that could be put on the second Court Order dated February 7th 2012, was that the Secretary of State is nobbling High Court Judges, but when Judges and the Secretary of State are seen to be working together to reach agreement that is convenient to the state that looks worse than bad. And that is without considering the involvement of all the rest of us.

Agent Provocateur Gallastegui: The truth is we all agreed to cover up the illegal seizure of PSPC on January 16th 2012 and much else.

Police: I guess we were all f***** when Babs survived and was given that first bloody High Court Order dated December 22nd and started asking - even - more questions.

And then we had to illegally arrest her on April 2nd 2012....

Chief Inspector Davison and Smithy..


In what is either ridiculous/sinister or both, depending on how you look at, or are on the receiving end of given the entire lack of any health and safety risk assessment by the authorities:

Chief Inspector Davison: (With the sensitivity of a sledgehammer) It's the umbrella that's the crime now, Babs.

Are you for real ?

      Two grown men saying to a woman, some part of her - umbrella - is a .....crime ?

      Who came up with that ?

Chief Inspector Davison: Superintendant Morgan

Babs: The same Superintendent Morgan who cannot show his face down here today, because he would have me waving the court order dated February 7th 2012, in his face, in front of the press ?

And who did Supt Morgan take his orders from ?

Chief Inspector Davison: The Legal Department.

(and so in the interests of the bigger picture we agreed at this point in time, to remove the side panels of the umbrella and not tie the unmbrella to sandbags)

"....Beach Umbrella provides the perfect protection for all the family from sun and showers"

Babs: There's no law being done here. This is just another PR stunt by you lot.

It was quite an emotional time for members of our campaign to witness the change of strategy involving Peace Strike, because Peace Strike had been used by the state as the vehicle for so much abuse, which had led to the death of Brian.


After January 16th 2012, Peace Strike and Westminster City Council, had no problem removing two tents and one box, without any drama...

peacestrike filming jago filming mr low from westminster city council.

Yet on May 3rd, 2012, there needed to be a big performance...for the media..for the people.

BBC et al.....

while in amongst it all, we said what we should.... Free, Free Palestine...

And we wonder - where - the police are arranging to ..."deliver" the tent and box, given that incredibly, no-one is being prosecuted over them.

We said the shame of what really is a government operation, should be put on display outside New Scotland Yard.

Of course, before the grand finale, the press had been busy with Westminster City Council and Ms Gallastegui, putting out their spin...

Interestingly and unusually, neither the Metropolitan Police media office or Bindmans solicitors had any comment to make.

amongst many lies: the a) permission & b) another tent remains...lies:

Evening Standard: Video of not so Lone protester...(and online version of - green - tent lie)

The Press Association liar alongside the Evening Standard liar with a Westminster City Council liar...

What Babs was pointing out was, just...HOW .....funny is it that people get arrested so you (the press) can lie and the government can ...kill innocent civilians in illegal wars of aggression ?

Babs wasn't ....laughing.

Babs pointed out that:

1) no-one should be getting arrested
2) losing their jobs
3) being dragged before courts

because they peacefully challenged government.

4) the press were biased, because they did not question any of that or the extraordinary fact that the latest High Court ruling using the fake campaign Peace Strike, could only be illegal, not least because it said in essence, that the state had such a wide margin of appreciation that it could ignore the Human Rights Act.

While the follow up story from the Press Association and Evening Standard liars ...is the poor cold agent provocateur story from

Press Association.
Evening Standard

As I pointed out to the reporter from the Guardian, they had no problem, covering up I was illegally denied shelter for ....103 days !!

And of course once the fake story about the cold protester went out, the fake protester slung her hook....

So maybe the conversation went something like this:

Agent Provocateur Gallastegui: now remember NOT TO mention 1: the dodgy emails dated January 17th 2012, 2. the lying letter my lawyer Paul Ridge from Bindmans Solicitors wrote on January 27th 2012 saying everyone (Babs included) agreed to adjourn her claim ...against us....3. The court order dated February 7th 2012, after Babs ....survived.

(Of course the lying Evening Standard reporter seen here is particularly malicious, given that she saw that there was no other tent and knew that no "permission" was necessary)

The reality is that media are a business and business do not want the people to be able to speak, because the language of the people is different to that of business and government.

Therefore, it is important to show people the faces of the media who come along and know the truth and then lie to collect their pay cheque at the expense of anyone else.

I am not here to get arrested so others can collect their pay cheque. And nor should anyone die so someone can collect their pay cheque.

while Mr BBC Camera-man had a rant at Babs when she pointed out a few home truths.

...Hmmm...the BBC are..hypocrites....


Perhaps the Evening Standard got the green BBC "News" tent, confused with...our umbrella !!

It is breathtaking hypocrisy, that the BBC were putting out on their "News", the story that it is illegal for the people to campaign using tents, while maintaining their own....

And so Mr police officers and Westminster City Council officers...what about the court order dated February 7th....2012...???? Hellooooooooooo!!

What shameful dishonesty. All very clearly ....working together.

I guess the court order dated February 7th 2012, is another one of those ....inconvenient truths.

Around about this time, Chief Inpsector Davison and Smithy were getting an earful, as all  thathe memories of what the fake campaign had been used for, came flooding back.

We will never let them forget what they have done...

The police removing...the police camp...


And here we have Mr Owen Bowcott from the Guardian.

Mr Bowcott was told about and therefore knew about the court documents and so willingly became  part of the cover up....over an illegal war.

So Mr Guardian...legal affairs ...reporter....ummm...how about speaking about ...law...and the part about the state committing.... war crimes..torture...genocide..

The Guardian: where it belongs...in the....rubbish...

Daily Mail.

"Gallastegui is a Stooge... See BrianHaw dot TV for a very different perspective. - Michael, Malvern, 04/5/2012 09:57 "

Indymedia: There are trolls everywhere covering up the truth.

Document 1

Document 2

the submissions from Bindmans and the police are not shown..

Document 3

Mr Ridge and his client Ms Gallastegui knew there was no agreement.

Document 4

7th February 2012

Document 5

The Crown Prosecution Service are "bound to answer"

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!