DAY 3965: TUESDAY APRIL 10TH 2012.

sir mark "business interests" allen.

The Daily Mail & Independent are among a number of media to continue to report:

Daily Mail:
MI6 and a £1m 'bribe' to silence torture victim: Spies gave up dissident to Gaddafi thugs Which minister signed the torture deal? Whitehall sources willing to pay 'whatever it takes' to silence Abdel Hakim Belhadj Labour government signed off plan to hand Mr Belhadj to Gaddafi in 2004 Head of counter-terrorism wrote to Gaddafi intelligence chief congratulating the Libyans on the 'safe arrival' of the 'air cargo'

Government Pay out for man handed over to Libyan torturers.

It seems pretty obvious that it is in the interests of justice and would avoid disputes for it to be mandatory for authorities to film the detention of people, who are beng held by force, effectively "behind closed doors".

In the absence of CCTV, it is difficult to see how the state can dispute an alternative version of events, because it is the authorities who are taking people by force and preventing the people who are being held from filming what really takes place.

And what sort of a human being refers to another human being as "air cargo" ? Hardly professional.

Gaddafi opponents sue ex MI6 chief.

It does look as though business are just using taxpayers money to have those they don't want to do business with at any given time, tortured. Because of course now they do want to do business with Gaddafi's opponents.

Sir Mark Allen & BP