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After the government was forced into an embarassing retreat which involved repealing a law called SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138 which specifically targeted our campaign, the government passed another new law, in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, ss 141-150, which also specifically targeted our campaign.

Of course passing laws that specifically target a group the government do not like, is of itself illegal.

Our position has always been that we are a peaceful assembly, like any other, under the Public Order Act 1986 which applies to everyone, and the government could not make additional laws to essentially limit the duration of our campaign.

For example at what point could a peaceful assembly be called a trespass, and therefore subject to a High Court Injunction under the laws of trespass ?

And while SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138 targeted the banners (the message) the new law the PRSR Act essentially seeks to remove the people.

Under the new law the police can give what is called a "direction" over what the state considers to be prohibited items on one pavement in the whole country.

And one must "comply" with the "direction", or one commits a "criminal offence", unless one has a "reasonable excuse".

But the police cannot prove there is any criminal offence (where police could then steal anything) unless the person fails to give a reasonable excuse or until such time as the police have secured a conviction.

So when you cut through the not so subtle mis-use of language by the state in drafting their "law", what the state know this all means is that when you give a reasonable excuse, that is pretty much the end of it, because there could for example be no mens rea, which is a necessary ingredient in making out a "criminal offence".

On Sunday evening, I therefore put up a tent and around 12.30am Monday morning, Inspector (not so) Wise then issued his written "direction" after there had been much hullabaloo on the part of the police, to which I gave my written "reasonable excuse/s" with which an Inspector (not so) Wise did not say he had and could not have any, reasonable argument with.

After all, it would be an abuse of process to return our property on March 31st 2012, that the police stole on January 16th 2012, without bringing any proceedings, and having had every opportunity to, only to steal again, on April 2nd 2012, what is now evidence in a civil claim against the police.

And it really is not rocket science that shelter is necessary for one's survival etc etc and so on and so forth.

Anyway, Inspector Meathead (& Co) who did not address as he must if he wishes to argue the toss in any court, my reasonable excuse, agreed to report me for a summons to court, for which it is witnessed, videod and recorded, the necessary details were taken etc.

So when you hear what THEN followed you will know like I do that while the individuals involved in collecting their cheques from the state are being seriously corrupt, which gives up the game anyway, they do not have a leg to stand on - legally speaking - with their new law.

Clearly Plan A had been to pretend they were summonsing me, then steal the property and never bother to summons me.

So in Plan A, at around 4.30am Monday morning, Inspector Wise and his fellow bully boys and girls returned to violently drag me out of the orange tent (and I mean really violently drag me out of my tent). A massive struggle ensued, because I do not do doormat or suffer the corrupt silently. I held on to the tent as best I could and when I could no longer, made a citizen's arrest of Inspector Wise based on the fact that his actions were part of a very obvious criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. 

Eventually however, I was completely overpowered by the corrupt, who really did all do a runner, despite the fact, I stood in front of their vehicles etc etc.

So knowing that having been summonsed I was legally entitled to continue with my tent, I put up tent number two, and around an hour later, we went to battle again. I was treated quite appallingly and despite my pointing out I had done nothing wrong, was getting quite hurt in their use of quite unreasonable force, against me,during which Inspector Meathead was threatening to use his asp on what he knew were my frostbitten fingers, if I did not let go of my tent.

During the course of this second assault, the police stole everything they had returned on March 31st 2012.

After they left this time with all the tents,  by which time I was quite bruised and battered, I then got creatively inspired.

I object to being physically manhandled and HURT while the fake campaign Peace Strike and their corrupt lawyers Bindmans work with (as readers will know) the police and...Westminster City Council..and the Mayor of London...and the Secretary of State for the Home Department and so on...

So I went to remove the tent of the fake "Peace Strike" campaign alongside us, back to New Scotland Yard, where let's face it, it belongs.

And while I was unable to remove it, because it must be held down by ...rocks, I made a very interesting discovery.

In the front part of Peace Strike's tent, there were two more tents !!

So I pointed out that while they would lie and everyone was stealing our tents and their contents, I was now stealing these tents.

Well, they could hardly raise much objection, because they are covering up...much.

So when Inspector Meathead et al...came for round three... in the battle of the tents, I told him straight,  that this time I had been very bad...because I had like him...stolen ..the latest tent I had put up.

I pointed out that if the police were going to steal our tents, then I may as well steal theirs...Needs must and all that.

Anyway Inspector Meathead and Co had obviously realised by round three that I was going to keep on ....legally ...putting up tents..so how were they going to cover up that they had actually reported me for summons, when they had intended to cover this up, obviously thinking that stealing one tent, (where they could also just not lay an information for summons) would put me off.

Of course if he had frost bite etc, he might think differently.

So the police changed to Plan B, which while being not much better than Plan A was intended to buy them time to cover up what they had done.

So during the third battle for the tent, to try and cover up what they had done,, a police officer from Charing Cross PC 1696 Apthal illegally "arrested" me, not under the PRSR Act 2011, but for the old chestnut of "obstruct pc".

In the execution of what lawful duty you may well ask.

While I was being kept in the van in the yard of Belgravia Police Station, the thieving Inspector idiot face, then told the thieving PC to further arrest ...me for "theft"..

So when PC Apthal dutifully followed orders.. I gave a reply as follows...."So who told you Mr Pc, I stole the tent ?" which btw I stole from a Ms Gallastegui/Peace Strike who I named as an agent provocateur in January 2010, because she works with the police (so that would be a tent belonging to the police I stole ?)

It is there is black and white for example, that Peace Strike and Bindmans lied to the High Court in writing to adjourn my counter claim..in the Westminster City Council claim. And it is getting quite bad when human rights law firms are lying in the High Court to cause us harm.

Well, Mr Pc toddles off and comes back less than fifteen minutes later----to "de-arrest - me - for "theft"...

In the police station the custody sergeant, Sergeant Woods illegally authorises my detention to question me over the obstruct pc, which they never intended to do.

And the "arrest" over "obstruct pc" is dropped....

So you may well ask, what was I doing remaining in police custody ?

The police tried to cover up that they reported me for summons and pretended as though that never happened and Sergeant Woods ?? charged me under the new law, the PRSR Act 2011,in police custody at Belgravia Police Station, which i just didn't buy.

Then they try and hold me for as long as possible (thirty hours over a .....TENT) during which they try and fail to have various "bail/remand conditions" imposed over an arrest my lawyer explains in a virtual hearing with Camberwell Magistrates they cannot even explain is lawful.

My lawyer pointed out that contrary to the CPS summary that was based on the misinformation the police gave, I was reported, over the tent, which made my arrest and the subsequent attempts to misuse the process of bail illegal.

So the court set a trial date in .. August at West London Magistrates, and released me on unconditional bail.

I was finally released from Belgravia Police Station, early on Tuesday afternoon.

The police who needed to use unreasonable force to lie and be corrupt are clearly buying time.

And next time the cry babies in the MET complain about the government not treating them well over their pensions or whatever I will remember to have zero sympathy, because they are only too happy to be this corrupt government's footsoldiers, perpetuating state crimes.

And what do the state fear ?

That too many people might - peacefully - do what we do.

27/9/2018: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!