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DAY 3936: MONDAY MARCH 12Th 2012.


.....James Bond: Skyfall..it looked real enough.

Life in the Parliament Square Peace Campaign is never dull.

On Sunday morning Babs nodded off and was woken to the sounds of "cut" .."action" etc. So much is about perception, where the corrupt state can only do Orwell.

On Friday Babs had been in the High Court opposing an Application by Westminster City Council to adjourn their long standing claim.

There was a lot of Orwell doublethink.

The problem was:

On February 1st 2012, Westminster City Council disclosed that on January 27th 2012, Bindmans Solicitors who were acting for the so called Peace Strike (and had previously dishonestly acted for Babs) had written to the High court revealing that they had lied to two courts, claiming that Babs had agreed an adjournment, on January 16th 2012 (see below)

Westminster City Council who also knew that Babs had not agreed an adjournment nevertheless, sought to dishonestly use Bindmans letter to make an Application for an adjournment.

Given their dishonesty it could never now be claimed that they were not working together with their common interest being to remove our campaign.

The intention of Westminster City Council, Bindmans Solicitors, Maria Gallastegui from Peace Strike and the Metropolitan Police in lying to the court on January 16th 2012 (and then later), was to:

a) obtain an injunction that did not include Babs, by claiming that Babs had agreed the adjournment (when Babs knew nothing about any of what was going on)

b)  subject Babs to inhuman and degrading treatment/death while being without shelter during severe weather (when the police then later on January 16th 2012, came en mass to trash the campaign...yet again)

c) prevent Babs from getting, through the Westminster City Council claim all manner of favorable rulings in the High Court regarding SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138, the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, the Mayors High Court Injunction and including against Peace Strike who are part of a police operation being run by Superintendent Morgan.

d) remove our campaign

So having lied twice to courts, with the sole intention of causing Babs serious harm, neither Bindmans Solicitors, Maria Gallastegui or the solicitor from Westminster City Council could show up at court on Friday.

Instead, they sent along a barrister called Jacqueline Lean, ostensibly acting for Westminster City Council.

Babs invited Ms Lean outside to discuss the return of our campaign property.

Ms Lean arrogantly declined. Babs has been without shelter for 55 days. Despite being threatened by court security, Babs called 999, from inside Court 24 in the Royal Courts of Justice, informing the police of the crimes of theft and fraud, which are being committed, and to which Ms Lean is an accessory.

Two police officers duly turned up and in an effort to avoid taking the criminal complaint promised to track down the property and get back to Babs (see below)

The Judge was informed of the 999 call.

Westminster City Council sought without reason and while repeatedly lying a lot in truly grandiose Orwellian doublethink, to try to claim for example that our campaign is not still in Parliament Square !!!???

Babs kept pointing out incredulously that despite, seventy or eighty police with around a dozen vans, on January 16th 2012, we are still there with an 8ft x 4ft display that never went anywhere.

Babs reminded that no-one has a single shred of paper to show that what the police did on January 16th 2012 was legal, and that far from Ms Leans claim that the police raid on January 16th 2012, was discussed in Gallastegui's claim.... legally it could not be.

Because it can only be our civil action against the police, which could be added as counter claim by us in the Westminster City Council claim, (because the police acted with Westminster City Council).

Anyway, Westminster City Council sought to adjourn their claim indefinately.

Babs opposed any further adjournment pointing out the outcome of the hearing involving Gallastegui should not affect our campaign in terms of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act which the police and WCC already publicly claim to have used against us and which was now our civil claim against them.

And that there was considerable urgency to the WCC claim being heard, given Babs has been without shelter for 50 + days.

The hearing into the Application lasted three hours, and finally the Judge ruled the WCC claim where WCC claimed that after 13 months they were still not ready to proceed, must go ahead on March 26th 2012.

Coverdale and Williams of Peace Strike had turned up to the court for no good reason.

What we - ALL-. know is that the hearing that Gallastegui et al have had is null and void because they all lied in courts to get that hearing first.

The corruption is appalling.

Which only highlights, that our campaign does do law.

James Bond Skyfall: is that one of boris' new buses ?


and hmmm. ...a supposedly real police officer..

999 from royal courts of justice

trying to cover up that one campaign does have a tent.

all about money

the old westminster magistrates getting ready for demolition

wow.... so much abuse went down here...

with the cabinet office across the road providing the scripts.

widespread corruption: speaker of the house bercow with police

the people know...


to allow another lie

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!