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A lot of lies will be be written by the propaganda machine on International "Women's" Day.

You don't have to take much of a look around the world to see there is nothing to ...celebrate.

the whole of london and some tosser wesring an obama cap comes along to hassle babs.

Someone asked me today how we survive. How we are still around. The last protesters.

I explained. I am not a protester. I don't march for one day to make a point or register my disapproval.

I am what is called a dissident, but the press don't do dissidents in the UK, because they do not want people to have an opportunity to see/understand what is really going on.

I see what is going on. I tell the truth and challenge the state to do... law. That's it. I am persecuted by the state, because I say we must do law. To save life.

I explained how being a dissident means being treated differently. That I have been arrested 44 times, and denied a lawyer twice so they could send me to prison ....twice..

How the police tried to murder me in police custody, at Belgravia Police Station by using positional asphyxiation.

People are shocked by that one.

I explain I am here, because we are serious. We stand our ground. You have to stand your ground.

We are talking about real people's lives.

I explain how - now - they have denied me access to shelter for 52 days, which must be contrary to their duty of care.

What the police do to me is like domestic violence on a grand scale.

Even Amnesty can't admit I am a dissident. That the state are murderers. It's what they do.

Because Amnesty do not just collaborate with what the UK government do. They are complicit in what the UK government does. Because if Amnesty told the truth about here, that would have a knock on effect elsewhere.

And western governments are having a hard enough time maintaining the mask that is called democracy. That one is slipping badly.

So while they sent a tosser in an Obama cap to hassle me, six soldiers died in Afganistan.

And the tragedy is the UK Prime Minister still lies. If he told the truth and talked law, young people would not be sent off to play russian roulette with IED's for the sake of big business. Big business does not want to tell the truth so they roll out the propaganda machine. They want to take more mother's sons....

And we have Israel who don't let the IAEA in to see their nuclear arsenal, and who do not sign up to the Non Proliferation Treaty, talking about Iran, being a danger.

All their vicious sidestepping cannot hide the fact that the Palestinians are still owed equal rights. And equal rights would bring peace.

And here, you don't have to see much of Leveson to know there is a lot that is rotten, beyond dodgy dinners and drinks between the media and police. That's peanuts.

apparently paedophiles are funny guys. i'm not laughing.

How will Leveson manage the fact that Matthew Norman is right when he says that Machpherson would have ended up having to admit the police are institutionally corrupt if the corrupt police had to admit they turned a blind eye to corrupt police, over ...murder..in the Lawrence case.

But all these inquiries are only going so far.

Which is not very far.

Hutton went no-where near the truth in his whitewash.

While The Iraq war inquiry can't even report, because it is so far behind the game in terms of the law.

It is discredited before anything is reported.

What is missing, however, after exposure of MP's expenses and bankers, is an inquiry into the corrupt nature of the Judiciary/ the far from legal system.

I bet if we saw who the Judiciary dined with, that would begin to open a few people's eyes.

Raise a few eyebrows

Because at the heart of what is rotten is who controls...the law.

And it isn't the people.

But it should be.

There's no point in talking about whatever politics is.

Law is what shapes society.

it's all about perception...they look like..."police"...and "police" are supposed to be the good guys.

the mayor of london is turning parliament square into a car park ? so no tents but yet more cars are ok ?

so you can't have tents but the mayor can have ....containers ? hmmm

it would be good if the people in the here & NOW had a future.

the fake campaign called peace strike: six soldiers are dead for goodness sakes and the police want to cover up what everyone knows is, in every sense.... a police box.

they say he who digs a hole for his brother jumps in it himself. what have you all done ?

cheque protecters: police talk about police protecting people is cheap. when the police came out with they would protect me if someone tried to stab me, i said they were lying because "police" were not trying to "protect" me when police tried to murder me in belgravia police station and the police are not trying to protect me by stealing my shelter, hoping i freeze to death.

the police are just following any order they are given so that they can... collect... their cheques. it is their cheques they protect.

the psychology behind control is very simple.


From: babs tucker
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: fraud.
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012 03:28:15 +0000

dear anghel & ridge,

the angel of death, gallastegui, informs me that she doesn't want to front up in the high court on friday and admit that she is a fraud (and that ridge her lawyer, lied when he wrote to the court claiming that all parties had agreed ?? what ??)

quelle surprise.

we get what is going on.

you all just want a ruling in the seriously fraudulent application for judicial review, where madam tellingly informs me that it is no big deal not having shelter etc.

so what i expect is this.

i expect westminster city council WHO WILL have to turn up over an application they have brought, to admit in writing that they too have "misled" the court. westminster will need to admit that they and the police did not take us to court over what is theft on january 16th 2012.

so westminster city council could not now possibly continue to take us to court over the alleged obstruct case they brought in january 2011 OR ever use the police reform and social responsibility act 2011 against us again.

i therefore want a written undertaking from westminster city council by/on friday, that they have instructed the police to return all our campaign property that was stolen on january 16th 2012 (and agree compensation) and that the police reform and social responsibility act 2011 will not be used on our campaign.

i mean this guys.

we really are done with all your fraud.

we will have shelter etc.

babs tucker
parliament square peace campaign

24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!