Donna Bugat -v- State of Victoria & Murdoch’s Newscorp (Case 352): My Default Judgement for liberation from adoption with $3 billion dollars compensation for global fully comprehensive health & insurance cover & to install solar & hydropower in my own home & workplace in France (08.03.2021)



.... donna... the peace and harmony of the rule of law helps make the world a safer and kinder place for everyone...






I am adopted and a properly informed adopted child and adult could never... consent to the commodifying and exploitative false imprisonment of adoption because it has no legal basis and is not legally enforceable.


I genuinely opposed the related ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 legislation in Parliament Square, Central London too.


The obvious point is the revolving doors of politics et al cannot keep making the fact there is no legal basis for adoption, a problem for adopted people, and particularly when... unelected politicians can arbitrarily impose adoption too.


The… Secretary General of the still far from Commonwealth, highlights the abuse of public trust possible with a revolving door of… unelected politicians (ie: an unelected Baroness and unelected former Attorney General etc, also remains as a Secretary General despite also not being re-elected by other politicians) who has… always in practise opposed the rule of law and democracy, to... maliciously target an innocent civilian.




... the revolving... unelected doors...



... "both houses and black rod"...
The facts are, an adopted person can be... repeatedly... maliciously... targeted by an... unelected politician switching between  multiple unelected roles while also legislating (along with public officials switching roles too) that means it is only possible for me to remedy the harm caused in a court of law, with my own civil and/or criminal... jury lawsuits.
... the city of london...

The Secretary General of the Commonwealth and the European politicians who are all part of the ECHR know there is no recognised defence in law to the email illegally sent to me by the City of London lawyer, and did not care about my physical and emotional health in July 2019.



...political lies... "baroness scotland instrumental in creating labour's strategy against murdoch"...



The legal reality is the Secretary General of the still far from Commonwealth et al who have... offices in Geneva in Europe, cannot change the truth, there is no legal basis for adoption which is not legally enforceable.


In a legal sense it is irrelevant whether my Default Judgement is within Australia or the UK in the British Commonwealth, and or France and Europe because the fact there is no legal basis for adoption, does not change whether it is the ECHR, or the bogus Hague Adoption Convention etc that includes the American administrations of both Clinton and Bush who only sought to make adoption 'easier' too. 


It is obviously far harder for most adopted people to try and rebuild our lives, beyond the false imprisonment of adoption, than it is for the likes of an opportunistic Secretary General of the far from Commonwealth to respect the peace and harmony of the rule of law and democracy, and life.


The State of Victoria et al are very clearly discriminating against me, because I am legally entitled to have my home as my workplace too.


My own modest home in the Breton Woods in France is a micro climate with an abundance of water and wildlife, with some of the most beautiful birdsong where some fragrant roses even bloom in the middle of winter.




The pink granite coast happens to be a non nuclear enclave in a… Mediterranean country.




A peaceful transition to clean renewable energy will inevitably transform governance as we know it, because more people will have the opportunity to live safe and sustainable independent lives, in every way.


My Default Judgement for liberation from adoption with $3 billion dollars compensation for the prolonged life threatening physical and emotional harm caused to me.... because there is no legal basis for adoption which the British, Australian and French politicians do not contest in any court, that is done on the basis as if I am still living in my own home in France, so it will be filed at the ECHR too, will mean I can live a safe and sustainable life in my own home with global fully comprehensive health and insurance cover and safely transition to clean renewable energy… myself with solar and hydropower.


Kind Regards,



Donna Bugat

(formerly known as Babs Tucker)