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The true story about two sisters from Messina is all about the human identity.



... the catalan sicilian called donna… sadly the ‘converso’ story of women has thus far only been all about abuse…



In 1994 - 1995 it was a female doctor who set me straight on a truth that had been hidden behind so many multiple layers of lies causing so much harm.


There were always sets of three.


There was myself and my brother and my sister.


My brother also had a twin brother and my sister and myself also have a half sister and so on so there are always three.




... 'schrodinger's cat'... a horror story ... a 'control' experiment that was a failure...



The abuse of women at Messina that is echoed through ‘converso’ exiles from around the Mediterranean throughout (for example) the past millennium in battles between all royals and religions has inevitably damaged the genetic code of humanity.


I remember the day when as a young child sitting on the red swing at 646 I realized there was some kind of connection I did not understand with someone I did not know, that did turn out to be my little sister who I lost not just once but twice.


I am like everyone else in understanding that there are differences between what we are told and how it really is because of how I have really lived too.


There was a balance between my brother and myself because one did not try and control and take over the other, which was why the relationship between myself and Brian worked in Parliament Square, Central London too.


The tragedy was the two sisters were never given any chance together which caused all sorts of other problems too.



... the human tragedy of a loss twice over...



We all know the Burger Kings Orwell story of the torturer or the torturer dressed up as the lamb because we all know what we know.


I have heard some pretty weird things said and seen some pretty weird things done.


The headlines at the end of World War Two were in Berlin while the truth was elsewhere.


It was always known the military minder who served on the military trials at Okinawa after World War Two could not possibly be my father.


There are men behind women and there are women behind men because of the role women play in passing on a genetic code.


I recognise people who are like my brother, yet not my brother and I recognize people who are like my sister, yet are not my sister.


What is powerful is not about power.


It is my own experience that the public are the ‘non-state actors’ who are intelligent.


A peacenik is inevitably a Clapham Omnibus because most people want peace.




...trust... my trust in brian was built on a balanced friendship in a 24/7 struggle over a very many difficult years, because one was not trying to take over the other...



In fact, what I proved is that a reconciliation of some kind is in the interests of everyone because it is about trying to re-balance the damaged genetic code of humanity and so on for the benefit of everyone.


I always did my best to do what two sisters would do for peace so this ’24’ really did do the whole forty eight yards for the benefit of everyone.


What we can all agree is that endless war really has damaged humanity in soooo many ways.


There is one genetic group that has consistently been left out etc each time all the other so called 'sides' have reconciled after cycles of war, which has ultimately damaged humanity as a whole because we are all from... one genetic code. 


It is only natural I should personally want a quieter road, doing things differently now, which is really still for the benefit of everyone too.


I have always naturally been an arts and culture person myself like my sister, while others do algorithms of all sorts that sometimes I agree with and sometimes I don’t, which is natural too.


We all understand it really is a human impossibility to reverse-engineer the damage done to humanity overnight. 


It nevertheless always remains the truth life is about taking responsibility to do what we can for each other because there are so many and far more… opportunities that can benefit everyone. 





24/10/2017: Sorry website has been offline the past week. We were hacked by Government Agents !!