This page provides the first time visitor with some

background information to our campaign.






All the government consider is,


who will challenge them,


and are they serious.




Our campaign continues to bring real law, into all we do, to try and protect life.



Brian Haw started the 24/7 Parliament Square Peace Campaign on June 2nd 2001.




In 1999, Dennis Halliday who worked for the U.K had blown the whistle and confirmed that the U.S & U.K were illegally using U.N sanctions to commit Genocide in Iraq. 




Over 500,000 Iraqi children were killed by the sanctions, alone.







Dennis Halliday showed that the U.N, U.S & U.K all knew they were breaking the law, over the illegal use of sanctions.




Genocide has been the Middle East policy of the West since the Balfour Declaration of 1917.


Genocide was the policy of a far from Common-wealth for hundreds of years. 







Prior to beginning the campaign in Parliament Square, Brian had travelled across Europe, and through Russia down to Cambodia. Brian wanted to see what he could do as a carpenter to try and help the people in Cambodia rebuild.




Brian said he had learnt from Cambodian people who were perfectly capable of rebuilding themselves, that one of the best ways he could help people, was to challenge government.


When Brian who was a devout Christian returned to the U.K, his church was not interested in his experiences.







Brian's father, who was one of the first allied soldiers into Bergen Belsen, gassed himself twenty years after liberating those at Bergen Belsen.


Bunny Easton is a lifelong pacifist, with many years experience of campaigning against the U.K State ( and contrary to his modesty is a "very big" member of our campaign, who we all adore :))


Eric Levy has campaigned most of his quite extraordinary life, and was a human shield in Iraq.






Steve Jago who started out with the Parliament Square "Picknickers", is the legal brains of the campaign.


It was Steve Jago who took the argument over the Orwellian State, to the heart of government, which the journalist Henry Porter subsequently sought to "manage".


Neil Kerslake is a gifted film-maker and web-designer. His own website is at


Babs Tucker's family on her mother's side is the Fremantle family who go back to Vice Admiral Fremantle who fought alongside and invented the strategy that won Nelson the Battle of Trafalgar, while Bab's great grandfather Admiral Sydney Fremantle was the father of what subsequently became GCHQ, and so on and so forth.


It was during a visit to the Gaza Strip while travelling around in 1984, that Babs' eyes were opened to the lies that she had been brought up with. Following her witnessing the U.S Marines dramatic withdrawal from Beirut in Lebanon in February 1984, following the barracks bombing in October 1983, Babs went to the Gaza Strip and saw first hand, the truth of the appalling way Palestinian people are still being treated by the Israeli State and the West.


Young Palestinian men asked Babs, and the American she was traveling with, to tell the world, they had no hope.


1984: the Bus 300 Affair.



The greatest influences on Bab's campaigning, beyond the other members of our campaign are Steve Biko, and Che Guevara (because as an Argentinian who helped Fidel Castro, he was tirelessly looking beyond the traditional borders, for a global economic solution for the people)


Che was looking for the global community of people -v- the global community of big business.


We do not disclose the identity of other members of our campaign.


In the early years of the turn of this century, the internet was not so widely used by people.


Brian was at the forefront of the most extraordinary human information superhighway.


Thousands of people every day, from all around the world, year after year, who passed though Westminster, in London, saw his evidence of Genocide, visibly challenging every layer of the U.K state, right at the belly of the Beast.




Brian showed how - the people - must at all times (incl: under Article 10 & 11 of the Human Rights Act) be able to uphold the law to protect life.


Those in the U.K State who commit, and are complicit in war crimes, must be prosecuted, by the people, for the people, before the people. 


The people must challenge the state through the courts, on the streets and across the internet.


The global community of people need to change not only governments, but the whole system of the global community of big business.







Info on life at the Parliament Square Peace Campaign, incl. Scandals that are covered in greater detail on our website. 


No other small group of people in the history of the U.K have ever faced such relentless legislative state violence.


The purpose of the legislative violence was so media and government could censor the legal challenge our campaign makes to government.




Brian is maliciously prosecuted in the High Court by Westminster Council who have their case thrown out, because they have failed to provide any evidence that Brian is an unreasonable obstruction to the highway (pavement).




Parliament illegally invent the now repealed ss 132-138 of the Serious Organized Crime & Police Act 2005 to try and remove Brian Haw's Parliament Square Peace Campaign. 


Babs is unlawfully "arrested" (the first of 48 unlawful arrests) while campaigning with Brian, because she is wearing a pink sequined banner, with the words "I am not the Serious Organized Criminal". 


The fact that Babs is not organised (ie: is "spontaneous") repeatedly proves to be the undoing of the state's wrongdoing towards the campaign.


The banner (along with further "SOCPA" notifications) exposes the fact that the war criminals in Parliament, illegally invented legislation specifically targeting Brian's campaign.


What the media, government and courts try to cover up, over the years, until the phoney legislation is repealed, is the obvious fact that ss 132-138 of SOCPA 2005 did not sanction, "arrest" or "seizure" (ie: kidnap or theft etc).






On May 23rd 2006, the U.K Parliament (see: "both houses & black rod" in "Confidential Minutes") illegally order the Commissioner of the Metropolis (now Lord Blair) to steal evidence of Genocide from our campaign in Parliament Square, using 78 police at a "cost" of 111,000 pounds.









The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police fails to publicly admit at the time that he (& Parliament) intended to -remove- the campaign, although this is subsequently admitted in his "memoirs" called "Policing Controversy".







The - problem - in law for the U.K business state of media and government, was that, for obvious reasons, the controversial SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138 had no sanction of arrest or seizure.




When the campaign was illegally "reduced" to three metres, we began campaigning outside Downing Street too, which was very busy, and more generally around Westminster, to spread the message again, while we continued to challenge SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138.


Steve Jago saves Babs' life when the U.K State try to disappear her at Charing Cross Police Station on September 4th/5th 2006.




State Britain:




Following the illegal seizure in 2006, Mark Wallinger who turns out to be the Establishment's version of Anthony Blunt ( the Queen's curator & double agent) swiftly obtains 90,000 pounds of government funding to curiously start making a copy of the display, while legal proceedings over the illegal seizure are pending.







The purpose of State Britain was to try and cover up the fact that the original banners should have been returned to Parliament Square, when Brian won the case brought against him.




Mark Wallinger & Co surpass the Nazis, in daring to call evidence of Genocide, Art, in Tate Britain.




(Shortly after Brian died in 2011 Wallinger disingenuously gave the impression that he was visiting Brian in hospital, when Wallinger was in fact, brown-nosing an Independent newspaper Art critic who died of cancer, who happened to be in the bed next to Brian. 




Wallinger uses an untrue story about a fellow campaigner, Kitty Kat's banner, to publicly suggest that he and Brian had a personal relationship they did not, so that Wallinger can try to have some credibility to make his other statement.




When Brian dies, Wallinger (like Stop the War's Tony Benn) lies in the mainstream media, claiming that the campaign no longer exists.




In 2011, Brian died of complications from a major operation to remove cancer, when hospital authorities in Bremen in Germany, refused to continue administering complementary medicine which had helped address the fact Brian got Septicaemia, following the operation. In 2010, the U.K authorities had refused to do the operation.


David Icke had kindly raised money through his supporters so that Brian could have valuable alternative treatment from a very experienced heilpraktiker in Germany. 


Neil and Babs were with Brian when he died in the early hours of June 18th 2011.








Mark Wallinger's "State Britain" opens in January at the Tate Britain immediately before Brian wins the case brought against him, involving the illegal seizure, so the media can talk about Genocide as Art, instead of asking why evidence of Genocide is not being returned to Parliament Square.







Brian is named as Channel Four's "Most Politically Inspiring Person of the Year (Channel Four subsequently change the method of voting to prevent this happening again)


Maria Gallestegui (who is subsequently named in legal proceedings in January 2010, as an agent provocateur) also starts her own peace campaign, called "Peace Strike", within, and in opposition to Brian's existing peace campaign in Parliament Square.




Ms Gallestegui is named as an agent provocateur both in criminal proceedings in 2010, and an existing counterclaim numbered HQ11X00563 against both her and Westminster City Council.




"Peace Strike" sought to distract and divide Parliament Square Peace Campaign resources by "campaigning" solely over Iran (and "organising" any other campaign on anything that happened to be passing through Parliament Square), while the U.K was still at war in Iraq & Afghanistan. 




Ms Gallastegui generally -publicly- played the role of being too stupid to know what she and fellow state agents, were doing. 




Ms Gallastegui was assisted by people including Simon Moore and Gareth Newnham who suddenly appeared in Parliament Square in 2007 as vocal members of the We are Change, 9-11 Truth movement, when the previous Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone also sought to shut our campaign down.




These Agent Provocateurs, including "Phoenix" from "Democracy Village", are well known as going around various campaigns, working with the government, to try to shut them down. 




Another government agent, Charlie Veitch (who had a sudden conversion over 9/11 when he never actually campaigned over 9/11 in Parliament Square) was pretty much the same story. Veitch spun Brian and Babs the yarn, his father worked for oil companies in the Middle East. 




The father of Simon Moore and his "artist" brother (who threatened Babs) drove a black SUV similar to what the crew just down the road at MI5 in Millbank, next to the Tate Britain, drive.


The Mayor of London at that time, Ken Livingstone (who is also a leader of the Stop the War Coalition) tries to illegally remove our campaign twice, in August and October 2007.




The reason the government and Stop the War were so anxious to remove our campaign in 2007, was because more people were visibly campaigning 24/7 with us, in tents on Parliament Square.




Brian and Babs file a Judicial Review of SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138 (CO11393/2007) and "permission" is granted on July 15th 2008. This Judicial Review remains outstanding.








Much horse-trading goes on in Westminster Village to prevent pictures of Brian being violently assaulted and illegally arrested, outside Downing Street being printed in the media.








Brian speaks at the Oxford Union at the 70 year anniversary of the debate over "Under no circumstance would we fight for Queen & Country". Oxford Union, rather than being a traditional students union is actually a private members club.




Oxford Union is one of a number of vipers nests specifically formed to groom individuals who are willing to enter Parliament and murder anyone for money. 




After it was confirmed that Brian was speaking, various senior military figures in the U.K pull out.








Benedict Brogan who was at that time Chairman of the Press "Gallery" in the UK admits that all the press have "complained"…to the police about our campaign.




When the Daily Mail are asked to put up or shut up with the details/disclosure over who said what, to the police, the campaign is met with a wall of silence.




Babs is illegally imprisoned in 2008, in another attempt to disappear Babs:




a) after Babs has rumbled Alan Duncan MP over his having failed at that time to declare he was being financed by Vitol Oil (who subsequently work with MI6) to overthrow Gaddafi.




b) to try and cover up that Babs made a lawful citizen's arrest of the previous Mayor of London Ken Livingstone over his trying to illegally remove our campaign in 2007.








On April 11th 2009, Brian and Babs publicly say they are not campaigning with the agent provocateur Ms Gallastegui from Peace Strike.




The U.K State then have a huge problem, because they no longer have their major informer in any way connected with our campaign.




On the night of September 3rd/4th 2009, six members of the riot police (TSG) illegally use positional asphyxiation to torture and attempt to murder Babs at Belgravia Police Station.


The fact Brian is also being illegally held at the Police Station saves Babs life.




In November 2009, following another illegal search and violent arrest, when Babs' tent is trashed beyond repair by the police, while Brian is held on the ground for forty five minutes, when Babs is released, she puts a new tent -back- on Parliament Square Green.




Peace Strike remain on the pavement.




The state knew would make it more likely that others would be able to join our campaign again, because Parliament Square Green, is safer and has more space.




2010 & 2011:




In January 2010 in response to being illegally charged over what are illegal searches, Babs names Ms Gallastegui as an agent provocateur in her reply to charge, in criminal proceedings.




This creates huge legal difficulties for the U.K State.




Babs' life is then threatened again, before Brian is suddenly arrested on January 13th 2010, to try and drag him into the proceedings, Babs was illegally charged over in November 2009.




Between 2008 & 2011, Bindmans Solicitors and Birnberg Pierce repeatedly refuse to go to the High Court to bring civil claims and challenge illegal searches that only began after permission for Judicial Review of the illegal seizure on May 23rd 2006, was given on July 15th 2008.




On April 11th 2009, Babs and Brian had publicly distanced themselves from Peace Strike which caused considerable "conflict" amongst the long controlled and therefore not very active, "activist" community in London, who somehow failed to realize that criminal proceedings are not a matter for idle gossip.




Some people choose to ignore the fact, that the U.K State will cover up if an agent provocateur is involved in the death of a campaigner.




The subsequent court hearing on April 29th 2010 over the bogus charges made in January 2010, is delayed, so that the media and government can begin Democracy Village, which involves a massive media "initiative" to try and destroy our campaign.




On May 1st 2010, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson illegally organized a government campaign called Democracy Village to try and remove our campaign through the High Court, under legislation over trespass & possession etc.




The Mayor of London, while remembering to use Democracy Village to illegally prosecute Brian and Babs in the High Court, forgets to prosecute who his own legal papers filed in the High Court, claim is the organizer of Democracy Village….the agent provocateur, Ms Gallastegui. 




Everyone also suddenly forgets about prosecuting anyone from Democracy Village, under the controversial SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138 that continued to be used against our campaign.


It is all a long way from when the U.K courts incredibly tried to claim it was illegal for Babs to campaign with Brian in December 2005 in what remains CO/4002/2006.




On the day of the State Opening in 2010, which coincides with the new Coalition government, Brian and Babs are unlawfully arrested so the government and media could launch their new media initiative, to try and remove us. 























The new media initiative was the Mayor of London's phoney High Court injunction.


In order to launch that, the U.K media and government need Brian and Babs locked up, so they could be silenced.




Press TV meanwhile are threatened by Ofcom that they cannot report what we say, when we are released, because it is sub-judice. (The final day Press TV report in the U.K before being banned by Ofcom, was when our campaign was stolen by the police again on January 16th 2012).




Our campaign is illegally joined in the proceedings against Democracy Village for many reasons, so we publicly distance ourselves. 







When Babs is on the witness stand on the High Court on June 21st 2010:




a) and insists the "title deeds" for Parliament Square are entered as evidence 




b) names agent provocateurs, 




the Judge threatens Babs with contempt of court if she proceeds… (Tony Benn from Stop the War then grandstands to try and cover up what Babs has exposed, while he tries to give the Mayor of London the words to bury our campaign).




The Mayor of London Boris Johnson is unable to remove our campaign along with Democracy Village, so our case is "remitted" back to the High Court for another "ruling". 




Neil arranges a new website at because the old has been hijacked by the government.




Brian is admitted to hospital where he is diagnosed with cancer.




Brian is refused an operation in the U.K to remove the cancer.




David Icke's supporters raise money for Brian to have alternative treatment in Germany.




Babs and Brian continue to be maliciously prosecuted by the Mayor of London, in the High Court over the Mayor of London's phoney Injunction - while - Brian is dying of cancer and is not even in the U.K.




The High Court and Birnberg Pierce, try to conceal from court records, the fact that Brian has cancer, by arguing over damage that was done to his back by police on May 5th 2008.


The best rationale the High Court finally illegally claims is the reason for using an injunction over trespass against us, is that we are an "eyesore".




The Court of Appeal reject an Appeal while Brian is appealing the refusal of legal aid, several months before he dies. 




Babs just cuts through the Mayor of London's illegal fences.




Westminster Council also try to obtain a High Court injunction, along the same lines as the Mayor of London, also using Democracy Village/Peace Strike.




This fails when Steve Jago files a counterclaim, against Westminster Council and agent provocateurs, while Babs is illegally imprisoned in Holloway, shorty after Brian dies.


In December 2010, the students are violently suppressed and demonised by the government for successfully exposing the hypocrisy of the Lib Dem Coalition. 








The government use their fake Democracy Village/Peace Strike as a "bail hostel" to house violent criminals who have just been released from jail.




The government send in all manner of mainstream media journalists from around the world in the run up to the Royal Wedding to try and record Babs saying something that could be used to do a phoney "pre-crime" arrest before the Royal Wedding.




The Royal Wedding farce was also part of a wider attempt to drag Babs into further - novel - legal proceedings, involving "pre-crime" where Charlie Veitch and Professor Knight who work for the government, publicly and deliberately made inflammatory comments, which the media unsuccessfully tried to drag Babs into.




The attempts to arrest Babs are flushed out and away, despite a last minute attempt with police accompanied by media lens invading Babs tent, on the morning of the Royal Wedding.




This fails to elicit a word that could be used against Babs, who happens to have toddled off to the loo.




Brian has a lung collapse, and so Germany agree to do the operation that the U.K would not, to remove a lung, and the remaining cancer.




On June 2nd 2011, on the tenth anniversary of the campaign beginning, and just before Babs is flying back to Germany to be with Brian, a violent criminal being housed by Peace Strike/Democracy Village first tries to smash a bottle over Babs head, before getting through two men trying to protect Babs, to punch Babs in the face.




Babs returns to Germany where Brian is seriously ill with septicemia, following a major operation to remove his lung, and the remaining cancer. The hospital authorities refuse to continue using an alternative treatment which is helping Brian recover from septicemia, and Brian then dies.




Babs and Neil are with Brian when he dies.




Following Brian's death on June 18th 2011, shortly after the Royal Wedding, Brian's son, Pete Haw shockingly works with the very police who killed his father incl. Acting Inspector Cole to try and prevent the campaign continuing after Brian's death, so that Pete & Co. can have two paintings by the famous graffiti artist Banksy. 




Therefore Babs files a signed witness statement in the High Court, shortly after she is released from prison, confirming that the police and Brian's family are to return the two paintings to Banksy, which they confirm in writing they did. 




The U.K State, along with Brian's family who he was mostly estranged from, particularly when he had to go Germany, make numerous attempts following Brian's death to help the state, re-write the history of the campaign.




The George Soros branded Occupy cannot dare try a re-run of Democracy Village alongside us in Parliament Square in later 2011/early 2012. 




After Babs has been unlawfully "arrested" 48 times, in seven years, and faced well over 70 mostly failed malicious prosecutions, with two spells in Holloway Prison, Parliament repeal SOCPA 2005 ss 132-138 and invent new phoney legislation to try and remove the campaign.




The phoney Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 ss 141-150 was also intended as an exit strategy for the phoney Peace Strike/Democracy Village.








**The sole purpose of the phoney new legislation, which our campaign could not really be prosecuted under, was to try and illegally disappear by any means possible, Babs still pre-existing counter-claim in HQ11X00563, exposing years of illegal state violence, including the use of agent provocateurs.




In March 2012, the High Court put a stay on Babs counterclaim -until- Peace Strike had "lost" their phoney challenge to the new law, and May 2012.**




On January 16th 2012, it was falsely claimed publicly in the media, by Bindmans Solicitors and Democracy Village/Peace Strike that they were given an injunction, while vast number of Metropolitan Police illegally stole the shelter from Parliament Square Peace Campaign in the middle of winter.







In fact our campaign discovers that no phoney injunction was given until February 7th 2012 - after- we went to the High Court asking to see a copy.




There were two reasons that the media and government chose to act at this time.





a) Everyone figured that we would not survive beyond the 28 days in the middle of winter, that under ss 145(5) a of the PRSR Act 2011, the police had to prosecute our campaign within, which they could not do.


b) the media, government, lawyers and so called "activists" needed to try and remove our campaign before the grand performance of removing Occupy or none have any real credibility in terms of what they claim to be trying to do.


If we remained, people would question why Occupy & Democracy Village did not ?





We remained.







Democracy Village/Peace Strike agent provocateurs exit Parliament Square at the beginning of May 2012 (below)







The state subsequently made failed attempts to prosecute our campaign outside the required 28 days, under S145(5a) of the PRSR Act 2011, which are variously discontinued, while the state refuses lawyers requests for information over why their agent provocateur called Gallastegui was yet again not prosecuted on/over January 16th 2013.




This is now part of another civil claim, HQ12X03564 which the High Court have been sitting on for quite some time. 




Of course, the U.K State and all who were copied in (including agent provocateurs) on the email dated January 17th 2012, from the Secretary of State for the Home Department (the "smoking gun") knew - once again that a new Act of Parliament (ss 141-150 of the PRSR Act 2011) did not disappear our counterclaim (also against agent provocateurs) in HQX1100563, where the State conceded defeat of their original claim, against us, once Peace Strike had exited. Paul Ridge from Bindmans acted for Peace Strike.







The mainstream media etc. knowingly played the whole lie out through their business rags.


In October 2012, the U.K Attorney General and Google illegally censored court recordings in the U.K, without any court order.







and my comments in pink here are about a link (below) to a typical "junk post" on a gossip column known as U.K Indymedia, from an agent provocateur called "Charity" who is pictured below.




This Charity, is essentially cheering along my death in Parliament Square.




"U.K Indymedia" is essentially used by the government as a platform to publish what the general public would not write, and the mainstream media could not print:




"There are reasons


21.01.2013 18:40

....for so little support from other activists





The picture above of Charity, with her own banner in January 2012, contrasts quite remarkably with what this same person is then saying in 2013.




...She has single handedly broken up the peace camp support system that had slowly but solidly been built up around Brian Haw (a character known for his intransigence but a man whom many people found a way of working with until 'Babs Tucker' came along and systematically turned him against almost everyone supporting him) - why one could almost think her an undercover operation herself, she has been very effective.


Sadly the situation with Brian was allowed to deteriorate as, although those close to the situation were concerned no-one wanted to 'go public' and discredit Brian Haw himself, hoping he would see the light and distance himself from Barbara Tucker instead..."




And so the vile smears continue, in this vein....




Of course what is not mentioned on this "gossip column", is that instead of vicious gossip, I did go as "public" as you can, with real -legal proceedings- that remain against the whole U.K State and agent provocateurs, including in our counterclaim in HQ11X00563.




The idea that Brian did not have a mind of his own, or that one person could sabotage an entire anti - war movement, in a country of 60+ million people, is patently ridiculous.




Our article CHANGE: WHY THE TRADITIONAL U.K "ANTI WAR" MOVEMENT HAS NO....MOVEMENT, also serves as a legal right of reply to what many in the U.K "Anti War" Movement have really been publicly doing.


It was posted on the same U.K Indymedia "forum" as the comment above was published on.




The "moderators" who include a named agent provocateur, Gareth Newnham...CENSORED IT.








I make the serious point that I have as a responsible adult, named these people -and- brought legal proceedings because agent provocateurs etc. are extremely...dangerous !!



Around March 2013 we were forced following various serious incidents of state violence, to stop campaigning 24/7...just Parliament Square.







We decided to broaden horizons.




Brian did not want anyone to die in Parliament Square, because we must use our lives to try and save other people's lives.




When the government faced a growing number of serious civil claims dragging out in the High Court spanning many years of our campaign, Mr 7/7 sent 666 to try and kidnap us when we left the High Court on April 10th 2013.




Parliament are currently rushing through a combination of new phoney legislation in the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Bill 2013-14, to try and illegally imprison our campaign without any right to appeal in the U.K , because we "annoy" them.




The Guardian managed Prism Hoax of June 2013, seeks new laws to continue to illegally -censor- people like our campaign, across the internet, because legal challenges in Europe, to illegal wars have blow back in the U.S.A and elsewhere.




We openly campaign that all court proceedings involving the actions of public officials should be recorded and published by the people, which would "transform" what has developed into a far from legal landscape around the world. 




Our outstanding civil actions, where we are prosecuting the U.K State over war crimes include:




HQ11X00563: a counterclaim against Westminster Council etc, HQ12X01972, HQ12X02745, HQ12X03564 & HQ13X03488.