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In a time of universal deceit, trying to restore the autonomy of the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, which is the natural human state, is an evolutionary act.


 BRIAN HAW :: 7th January 1949 - 18th June 2011


Brian Haw was the greatest peacemaker of our times.


Day 6762: Friday 6th Dec 2019


A violent global anarchy of big business

 or a global community of people ?


The law abiding majority of civilians decide...


There are those who just talk about freedom and those of us who have proved how we make it a reality for everyone.


... brian and babs, bestest friends...


www.brianhaw.tv   www.parliament-square.org


There is unlimited potential in clean renewable energy to develop and build capacity in sustainable infrastructure to lessen inequality and make everyone healthy and wealthy. This means people will also have the freedom to choose their own cultural identity. 


Brian was the greatest peace campaigner of our times, who set the gold standard in peace campaigning.


We were kindred spirits, who were the best of friends, with our powerful shared passion for love, peace and justice for everyone.


Brian died and I was forced out of the UK into stateless exile ("once an exile, twice an exile") in the European Union because we really did, unlike politicians and media barons, stand for free speech for law abiding... civilians.


We lived autonomously in the disputed 'British Mandate'/'Golan' of Parliament Square, Central London, doing our best to put our ideas, like the real democracy of the peace and harmony of the rule of law, into practice.


All politics should (voluntarily) be voluntary unpaid public service.


N.B This is not a 'news site' (ie:the he said/she said etc of media).  



I remember Brian (18.06.2019)


... I remember Brian... because I was there... and what we did was real...  



Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I have always had a lifelong dream to legally reclaim my true identity stolen from me when I was a child, which would also help reform British monarch's illegitimate property portfolio of unsurpassed greed (06.12.2019)


The British monarch by stealing my true identity when I was an innocent and defenceless child, “put in place a sequence of events” only ever intended to cause me identifiable serious harm in what was child trafficking and ethnic cleansing.



... the state have never made it easy for Australia's 'forgotten children' to legally reclaim our true identities... 


The other day I was discussing my own situation with a public servant in Australia, because it was necessary for me to share medical information (they really didn't want to take) about serious health issues. The person started behaving very oddly towards me, becoming increasingly obnoxious, while 'inexplicably' refusing in their legal duty to help me access the same rights as anyone else.


The person dishonestly told me I had no right to even ask to speak to the manager to discuss the matter to clarify the issues. When I was leaving the person continued to intimidate and bully me, by calling out to me as I was walking… away from them towards the exit, saying that I had to leave by a different route. When I turned and calmly asked… “why ?” the person inexplicably said “privacy”...


... In what was an open plan building that had no privacy, where the Orwellian far from ‘Commonwealth’ has all too typically installed CCTV while disingenuously posting signs claiming the public aren’t “allowed” to record etc.


The reality was the person knew full well they had been lying to me all along, while bullying me, which I had very politely pointed out to them by happening to mention that thing called the rule of law, which most people naturally live by, that is not the same as all too often arbitrary legislation royals et al invent to line their own pockets.


So the person was trying on the old victim blaming ‘game’.


I managed to just calmly by comparison respond (the reality was there was no privacy that I have ever known my whole life !! let alone in that building where I was yet again being treated… differently to everyone else that) “I am not the one trying to hide I am one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ while having had life-threatening torture used on me, which is what you are trying to cover up, while I am the victim in all this who has suffered serious physical and emotional harm” (there were quite a few people staring because the person had bizarrely yelled !! at me while I was leaving the building) and I then calmly… continued walking towards the exit. (I had actually taken the natural route anyone could have chosen to leave).


It is fair to say the British monarchy and Australian politicians et al are not even remotely sorry about anything they have done to those they cynically labelled Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ or we would for example have been given the choice to have lawyers just like the intelligence services did when they stole me while providing false affidavits to the court.


Of course, I would prefer to have someone be ‘a mediator’ because I should not have to endure another minute of state abuse of any kind.


It is common-sense to any reasonable and rational law abiding civilian I am really entitled to what politicians call a Disability Support Pension from the Australian government which would have to be pegged to wages, not inflation, in lieu of just financial compensation over my lawsuits.


I signed the necessary statutory declaration months ago, confirming life-threatening torture was used on me, which is not denied, and indeed no legal or medical professional could possibly deny.


So, I know with all my serious physical and emotional health issues the Australian government who have always been wholly complicit in everything that was done to me, since I was a child, really are at best only trying to buy time. They know they cannot deny anything so by delaying they are only intentionally giving a green light to continuing life-threatening abuse.


It was on 6 December 2012 that it was witnessed I properly confirmed in the High Court in the UK, I preferred a civil jury rather than a purely financial settlement because I was concerned just financial compensation could have meant the abuse might continue in other ways. My concerns were confirmed several days later when the UK government who were in receipt of the lawsuits, acted in bad faith which was a Contempt of Court, with a violent intimidatory attack on a fellow campaign member.


The legal reality is I am also legally entitled to live where I choose and the health system must be reformed so everyone has the choice to access proper medical treatment in a timely manner.


The recent instance of unconscionable state bullying and intimidation of me as someone who the person knew is ill, did as they reasonably know it would, cause my PTSD to internally flare which does also make me very ill, which is why I try and de-escalate or avoid such confrontations where possible, because I get heart palpitations and find it difficult to breathe, etc etc etc etc.


I did what I did in Parliament Square, Central London, to try and stop terror for the benefit of everyone, because I had a family member travelling in Central London on 7/7 and I know all too well what harm terror causes, including when I lived and worked in Central London during the IRA mainland terror campaign too, when I was young. Yet the British government publicly labelled we errr… peaceniks a ’national disgrace’.


My PTSD which has so many instances of state abuse to act as a ’reminder’ made me recollect after the intimidation and bullying of me last Wednesday, that:


1. The British monarch by stealing my true identity when I was a child “put in place a sequence of events” that was only ever intended to cause me identifiable serious physical and emotional harm in what was child trafficking and ethnic cleansing.


2. The former PM Blair “put in place a sequence of events” when he tried to suffragette me on 31 January 2007 (which Murdoch was involved in too)


3. District Judge Evans et al “put in place a sequence of events” on 26 March 2007 in the UK, that led to my while correctly standing in a court, saying what was going on was wrong and I wished to make a complaint (that really was the sum total of what I said while being harassed and bullied by the Judge) before Brian said the Judge needed to stop bullying me. Of course District Judge Evans knew what he was doing was wrong so he left the court and did the whole victim blaming thing. The corrupt Judge didn’t want me to make a complaint, so he tried to make a complaint against Brian and myself to hide that I had first actually politely asked to make a complaint, when I had on that occasion also been very ill from all the bullying. That baloney that saw Brian violently attacked by private security that it was agreed had no contract to even operate in that bogus court, incredibly became a ‘landmark’ Contempt of Court Case in the UK… against Brian and myself that changed the infinitive ‘a’ in legislation etc to hide the errr… Judge admitted he had failed without lawful excuse in his legal duty to keep a contemporaneous record of proceedings. The British courts need considerable help in making and keeping contemporaneous court records which they are not keen to do in cases where they are using courts to persecute law abiding civilians.


Black is white and white is black and all that.


The reality was all the legal ‘proceedings’ against Brian and myself were based on the state attacking us in their whole cycle of victim blaming.


4. Comrade Corbyn’s Livingstone “put in place a sequence of events” where he hid his unknown assailant who made a life-threatening attack on me on 17 August 2007.


Of course Comrade Corbyn's 'Sir' Kier Starmer who was a Director of Public Persecutions for both Labour & Tory is a little bit worried sbout the smoking 8 March 2007 emails showing politicians improperly 'influencing' police over the anti-competition legislation trying to ban free speech, surfacing anytime ever in any of my legal proceedings etc etc against them. He horse-traded his way up the greasy revolving doors through my case, because Doughty were the original firm of barristers who had sat on their hands while pretending to be defence lawyers before switching sides, so he could become DPP !! while we nevertheless forced the repeal of the legislative free speech ban, and Starmer did know I was tortured in 2006, because their barrister saw the injuries, before he was the dirty DPP when I was subjected to life-threatening torture on 4 September 2009, on his watch. 


5. Murdoch had “put in place a sequence of events” on 19 July 2009 that led to the life threatening torture used on me on 4 September 2009


6. The monarch “put in place a sequence of events” (that had really started for me when my identity was completely changed when I was a child) when she sent her Crown Estate lawyer along to say to Brian and myself the Crown was next in line in those going to take us to court. The Crown changed the entire history of their own ‘land law’ to send her gardener at that time who was Johnson along, instead of HM’s Attorney General.


Etc Etc.


You get the picture. 


The monarch is responsible for everything that happened to me because once she had completely changed my true identity, I was also robbed of any rights, making me vulnerable to all sorts of abuse and exploitation.


I have always had a life-long dream to legally reclaim my true identity because that is the starting point of who I am and would help me peacefully reclaim so many rights I have never had like some kind of choice of medical treatment.


My legally reclaiming my true identity, also helps reform the monarch, because it helps make it harder for the monarch to do the same to 'others'. 


The fact I cannot through no fault of my own have the choice of private medical cover because of what has happened to me, highlights the need for change in medical cover so that everyone really is protected by having real choices, just like monarchs.


I would obviously personally feel much better if the British monarch retires sooner rather than later because of course the chief abuser is the monarch, so it is easier for me to draw a line under much to help a process of healing, when the monarch retires.


The malevolent monarch who is the world’s biggest (and most fraudulent) ’property developer’ has had every opportunity to go legit but instead chose as an adult to stoop so low as to use the entire state apparatus for the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of innocent and defenceless children like me. 


The monarch could have stood in Parliament Square, Central London to do what Brian and myself did do, but the old crone on the throne never did. The monarch has never done a single day of voluntary unpaid public service in her entire selfish life, because the one and only interest in her whole life which has solely been devoted to her own unsurpassed self-centred greed has been to be a wholly (corrupt) ’property developer’ purely by spinning the victim blaming game.


The reality is the world would be a better place without the monarchy’s global illegitimate property portfolio which is stopping a true capitalist heaven on earth because there is no level playing field with any equality of opportunity.


The monarch’s global illegitimate property portfolio is not real ‘international law’ either.


There should really be a variety of autonomous states in a world living within one functioning legal system based on the common-sense fundamental human right of every person to own some land to give them the land security to build shelter which is necessary for everyone’s survival.


Catalans have always found themselves as pawns in the Pyrenees between the Popes, royals and caliphates, much like Italians who are a mixed bag of all sorts, who have historically been caught between much of the same.


It is natural there should be a Mediterranean Jewish State which was founded in self-defense, that is not reliant on either the Balfour Declaration or Zionism, but because no government anywhere protected Jewish people from the Holocaust which was entirely foreseeable after so many centuries of persecution including inquisitions and expulsions. No-one should be forced to be anyone else’s ‘dhimmi’. In fact, the Jewish State is noticeably tiny when compared to European and Arab states around the Mediterranean. Even New Zealand is thirteen times bigger than the Jewish State !! while the UK is many times larger too. Perhaps Arab people should ask themselves just how attached they are to the British monarch’s ‘land law’ and why.


The truth is free. 


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat:  British monarch couldn’t have stooped any lower as an adult than her child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of ‘others’ children on her watch, for her own personal financial gain with her global illegitimate ‘property portfolio’. (02.12.2019)


A country is only as good as it's 'head of state' and the 'head of state' of a far from commonwealth is the worst of the worst, because the monarch stooped so low as to literally trade in innocent and defenceless... children, solely for her own personal financial gain. 


The global human family is better than that, so there is the potential for true capitalism to build a heaven on earth, where there is genuinely equality of opportunity for all.


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Oz public & court records show man who posed as my father filed false affidavits as 'company manager' while working as 'public servant' for Deakin-Clarke-Brookes politics and intelligence services circle & married to royals Fremantle intelligence services (04.12.2019)


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: The British monarchy have a duty of care that means I should be able to choose whatever private medical care I want, and where I want to live, while I have chosen to be Jewish. (01.12.2019)


I am, as one of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ living proof there is no ‘reasonable excuse’ for terrorism because despite the terror I experienced as an innocent and defenceless child in Australia and as an adult in the UK, I was never ‘radicalised’ to commit any terrorist acts on my fellow defenceless civilians.


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I love being ‘mixed’ race & wouldn’t change that for anything & believe God made me that way for a reason that didn’t include him wanting me to suffer or be martyred by or for white privilege, but to perhaps instead give me a greater insight to help benefit everyone (26.11.2019)




Donna 'Black-Cat' Bugat: British monarchy are stopping true free market capitalism with global centuries old illegitimate 'landholdings' which are not a level playing field (02.12.2019)


I am curious to see what true free market capitalism looks like with a real level playing field.


It is common-sense it is a fundamental human right everyone should have the land security of owning some land so they can build their own shelter which is necessary for their survival. 


Love, Peace, Justice For All xx


The truth is free.




Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Brian and myself proved more effective stopping terror attacks on other defenceless civilians in UK than combined entire state apparatus of UK & NATO, because there were no terror attacks in UK on my 7+ year watch (01.12.2019)


Brian was the greatest peacemaker of our times who set the gold standard for everyone to follow.


Terror attacks have only ever served politicians who use terror as an 'opportunity' to grandstand centre stage with photo-ops and cheap soundbites.


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: British monarch who used entire state apparatus in child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of Australia’s ‘forgotten children’ should retire now so victims can really begin slow process of healing in real peace (29.11.2019)


The monarch should retire now, because she is not and can never be any part of any healing process and only serves as a reminder of too much that is wrong.


Brexit 'Black Friday':Brit monarch's ’royal prerogative' in vast illegitimate 'land ownership' racket 'in gods name' emboldens and enables like minded terrorists, while undermining true free market capitalism & ignoring others fundamental right to shelter to survive (30.11.2019)


The British monarchy and Vatican should really lead the way in genuine reform with the redistribution of their own vast 'landholdings' so people can own their own land on which to build their own shelter which is a fundamental human right because shelter is necessary for people's survival. 


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: UK ‘trophy’ footage exists of six MET ‘police’ intentionally using life-threatening torture (attempted murder) with 'positional/compression asphyxiation' to try & Hillsborough me (01.12.2019)


There has always been something of the whiff of a 'conspiracy to pervert the course of justice' in my being exiled while they still refuse to hand over the 'trophy' footage that does exist to me, after so many years. 


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Australian ‘judiciary’ don’t have ‘discretion’ to effectively put me on trial in transnational case where I am victim legally entitled to reclaim my true identity, meaning case should be agreed in out of court settlement, rubber-stamped by court. (25.11.2019)


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Melbourne born duo of John Lyons, voyeuristic ABC ‘journalist’  & Mark Regev (Frieberg) Israeli propagandist & 'Ambassador' to UK have always basked in white privilege, while hiding child trafficking & ethnic cleansing of Australia’s ‘own’ female mixed race ’forgotten children’ (26.11.2019)


The vulgar and voyeuristic Melbourne born ABC ‘journalist’ John Lyons has always basked in the glory of white privilege only by hiding the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of the far from 'Commonwealth' Australia’s ‘own’ mixed race ‘forgotten children’. 


... mr abc lyons reeks of the worst of the worst white privilege...


The same goes for the Melbourne born Israeli propagandist & Israeli 'Ambassador' to the UK Mark Regev who was able to choose !! to change his name from Freiberg without any problem. 


They grew up in Melbourne at the same time as me, but they lived in a parallel world which didn’t care about the child trafficking and ethnic cleansing of Australia’s ‘own’… ‘mixed’ race ‘forgotten children’ like myself who forcibly had our identities completely changed in what was always intended to cause us serious harm.  


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Murdoch ‘Lawyer X’ extravaganza spins fmr UK ACPO chief Jones in Oz ’Royal Commission’ hiding he is part of Australia’s 'forgotten’ children' cover-up, highlighting rule of law must have primacy over swearing ‘allegiance’ to monarchy  (25.11.2019)


Most people would know the truth is the monarchy do knowingly ‘compromise’… themselves because it would be self evident to any responsible adult they embolden anyone who might like the monarchy want to be above the rule of law.


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Brian and myself did a ‘New Jerusalem’ in Parliament Square, Central London, so 100% autonomous states, with unlimited potential of clean renewable energy, within a functioning universal legal system possible (18.11.2019)


... It took until 2011 for the British & Australian governments to admit... it was very much child trafficking involving ethnic cleansing...


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: I have been forced to live life of true converso, because our family are & have been Jewish, Catholic & Muslim so we represent socially constructed ‘contradictions' in Jerusalem (& elsewhere) (06.11.2019)


... the black madonna roses are in full bloom in the rose garden now...


The White Privilege ‘Velvet, Iron & Ashes’: A whitewash from the Clarke-Brookes-Deakin triumvirate of child trafficking racketeers from the highest echelons of intelligence services (24.10.2019)



Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: A sustainable future should be 100% autonomous states using clean renewable energy within one functioning global legal system, instead of revolving doors of mob rule ‘democracy’ etc (31.10.2019)


I believe from my own personal experience, the equilibrium for a sustainable future will be 100% autonomous states using clean renewable energy within one functioning global legal system, instead of the revolving doors of whatever mob rule ‘democracy’ etc currently happens to claim it is on any given day. 



... the referendum affects many people in the far from commonwealth colonial half-way house called australia too...


Everyone should always be able to make the best informed decisions they can...


Donna ‘Black-Cat’ Bugat: Puisque tu pars…(The Garden of No Distant Place & Love 10.09.2019)




... the real brexit message should be..."my country right it's wrongs"... instead of politicians and their mouthpieces... across the spectrum, blaming... civilians for anything and everything...


My personal view is Brian's 'my country right it's wrongs' is the real Brexit message because the problem really is... politicians not civilians.





It was always entirely foreseeable that Article 50 could only ever be used by unscrupulous politicians against law abiding civilians.


 ... this is the real referendum...


The real democracy of the peace and harmony othe rule of law is a reality.



The British State can only wage war by illegally using state violence, to try and stop law abiding civilians bringing successful legal challenges in courts of law.



We give true first hand accounts about being law abiding civilian resistance consistently challenging the corporate state, drawing on our real life experiences, unlike shallow 'news' media manufactured deceptions which only exist to dish out disinformation to the public.
1. It is a matter of fact we comprehensively beat Westminster in courts on December 13 2006 at Magistrates Court and December 13th 2007, at Southwark Crown Court, before and on the same day they signed their Article 50 divide and rule fraud.
The 'two veterans':
2.... on may 25th 2010 ... a global multi-billion dollar war propaganda racket maliciously targeting... 'two veterans'... is a completely busted flush... on their own pompous self-aggrandizing 'State Opening'...
"The most powerful campaigns are backed by the rule of law"
The 'Russian guy' hidden in full view:
... the australian government have always made sure their brexit asio assange sleaze-bag has a whole entourage of lawyers in tow... while we have been illegally denied legal representation.

Unsolicited  emails:
The U.S. & Russian military are used as proxies to help 'pacify' civilian populations in the European Union through a completely false divide and rule.
... 'predatory drones'... trying to 'go behind' our high court jury lawsuit, hiding behind the utterly false pretext of 'journalism'...
General Chuck 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' Jacoby disinfo sponsors another unsolicited email.
Unsolicited emails were received from the U.K  U.S and Russian [governments] who work together, on 17.11.2016, 23.11.2016 & 04.12.2016.
Anyone who publicly claims the mob rule mantra "will of the people" has supremacy over the legal reality of the harmony of the rule of law, which we have demonstrably proved is a lie, is the accumulation of all evil that is the enemy of all humanity.

...black psyops @ 'black sites' in CENTRAL LONDON...  September 4th 2006...  charing cross 'police' station was WHY  blair was forced to resign, but not before he invented article 50... [brown et al then had me unlawfully arrested and tortured in attempt to murder me at  belgravia 'police' station on September 4th 2009 on his way out, which cameron et al all knew about]
The rule of law is a reality regardless of how much the political classes and their pulp fiction which passes itself off as journalism/'alt' media don't like that.



... June 23rd 2010 Brian and I [2 & 3] were the only real campaigners, surrounded by the rest who were all part of a separate MI5 'Democracy Village' that had started on May 1st 2010 including people posing as 'journalists' working for the British and foreign governments too [including Russia, who had copied Westminster's 'free speech' ban, we beat...]
I was illegally denied legal representation on 23 June 2010 because I was trying to lawfully 'blow the whistle' in the High Court on 21 June 2010, [after already having done so in legal proceedings in the Magistrates Courts that were suddenly 'adjourned on April 29 2010] all of which was prior to our High Court jury lawsuit in August 2011:
... Iraq War, what Iraq War ?... collecting the [oil] check... [June 24–27, 2003 – Putin the Pretender with Brexit Queen and Jack Straw et al being given the red carpet treatment in State visit to United Kingdom]...
[N.B: The maelstrom of MI5 'Democracy Village' that started on May 1st 2010 was a busted flush on May 25th 2010, so:
a) the BBC illegally edited and maliciously published audio given to them by the MET police over my unlawful arrest, that did the rounds
 b) Boris Johnson went running to the High Court on May 26th 2010, to launch the malicious prosecution above against Brian and I before we were released, to avoid the Dunkirk they would have been forced to do then, if we had got to the High Court first]
The Guardian's ASIO Assange media sponsored roadshow at that time, and his entourage of Australian lawyers [I am an Australian-British dual national] were trying to cover up the spy ring etc etc etc we had inevitably been exposing in London.
If we had just 'gone along with' the 'old lie' mob rule mantra about a 'vote' perpetuated by the multiple layers, of lying politicians, police, spies, prosecutors, judges, conspiracy theorists, academics and their pulp fiction that passes itself off as journalism/'alt' media we would never have even forced the repeal of their global multi-billion dollar 'free speech' ban targeting us in their bogus 'War on Terror'.
The rule of law is a reality.
Vitol Oil Duncan's 'news' media version of what happened in 2008 is a complete fabrication [because he is trying to avoid going to prison like Jonathan Aitken]
In February 2008 I did say Duncan is a war criminal etc which is no secret, although he tellingly lied and a) left out the part where I enquired about his "expenses" when b) he came up to me c) and targeted me on his way into Parliament [he was subsequently forced in June 2008, to register £160,000 he took from Vitol Oil to target me, bribing public officials]
The 8 March 2007 emails that were only disclosed in September 2010 show the collusion between Labour and Tories against we peaceniks, that has always gone on.
... Brexit's... 'Minister for Europe'... MI6 Al-Qaeda Duncan's staged 9/11 clip:
...says he doesn't do 'technical legal details' so he doesn't know if killing 3,000 civilians is a war crime... [20.12.2016]
... Brexit Boris' Foreign Office 'Minister for Europe' obfuscating about... law... in fact in the UK, law abiding civilians are unlawfully imprisoned without legal representation or trial for... doing the rule of law, westminster pretends they don't know..
Vitol Oil is really an MI6 front/'state within a state'
Vitol Oil have an annual turnover of around $270 billion that is similar to Exxon Mobil and the annual budget of the Saudi government, but with a 'profit ratio' higher than Goldman Sachs & Wall Street, because they have far, far fewer employees, because they profit from hijacking the entire apparatus of the state.
... june 2008... duncan wanted the brown envelope laundered through the conservative party but cameron didn't want his fingerprints on it...
I ended up with a still live High Court Order against MI6 Vitol Oil Duncan et al in April 2008 and the unprecedented High Court jury lawsuit against MI5 et al in August 2011, that we had really won many years ago. 
"The most powerful campaigns are backed by the rulolaw"
Our legal position is protected by our High Court jury lawsuit against the British Parliament filed on August 17th 2011 that includes our High Court Order against the government from April 2008, and goes all the way back to December 2005. In the interim this has forced the repeal of the 'free speech' ban in March 2012, and the overt retreat of MI5 'Democracy Village' on May 4th 2012.
The evidence of the pulp fiction maliciously involved includes the BBC, Murdoch's Sky News, Lord Rothermere's Daily Mail, the Guardian, Independent, Barclay Brothers Telegraph, London Evening Standard and Russia Today.

... August 17th 2007: was a wake up call when 7/7 Ken Livingstone's violent thug punched me in the head [that was witnessed by many members of the public] before, while being chased by Steve and Gary, running into the arms of Palace of Westminster 'Police' who 'disappeared' him through Charing Cross 'Police'...
Cem Ertur's ground-breaking report provides the information all law abiding civilians need to know.
10.09.2015 British Foreign Affairs Committee admit MI6 intelligence asset 'journalist' Patrick Cockburn et al Syria War [Propaganda] is a 'busted flush'. 
Q24 Chair: So, in summary, our 'clients' in this exercise....are a complete 'busted flush'.

Patrick Cockburn: Yes, that’s true....

James Harkin: ...We paid them to tell us the information we wanted to know...

Chair: Mr Harkin, Mr Cockburn...you are giving us the headlines this afternoon 



[Channel Four subsequently changed the public voting system so it couldn't happen again]

"...When the press backed the war in Iraq, when both sides of the house backed the war in Iraq, Brian stood up to the Government," she [Tucker] says. Pink Dr Martens and 40 arrests notwithstanding, she has an easy-going charm...she and Mr Haw have been dragged to and from police cells and the courts in increasingly 'complex' attempts by the authorities to get rid of them...On 9 May, the latest court case...was pushed back to October. She is currently concerned about new legislation outlawing 24-hour protest. It would not be the first law [bought and paid for corporate legislation] seemingly tailor-made to evict them. If they are moved on, where would she go? "You can move us on, but to where? You'd have to bury our bodies. Either you believe in democracy, or you don't. We are living it " (Independent Newspaper)
"When the Labour Government introduced amendments to the 2005 Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, specifically to shift the stubborn Mr Haw from his spot, Mr Blunkett admitted that it was ‘using a sledgehammer to crack a nut’. Mr Haw survived that and numerous other attempts to get him to budge. He often had his collar felt by Her Majesty’s constabulary. Mr Haw took to sharing his megaphone with an antipodean woman. By then, those of us working nearby had become more than a little accustomed to Mr Haw’s trademark cry of:‘Tony B-liar! Tony B. L. I. A. R!’... When the antipodean Sheila started up we were all pathetically grateful, even though she had a voice as sharp as a seamstress’s needle. At least someone had changed the record! His determination was astonishing... there was something magnificently principled about the old boy. Shady agents provocateurs descended and caused trouble..."
[N.B: The Daily Mail who were a) never prosecuted by the Mayor of London, while being part of 'Democracy Village' see below were b) careful not to re-print Benedict Brogan's previously libelous hit piece from 2008 their lawyers had been warned about, that was commissioned by VITOL OIL, when Brogan said -ALL- the press had complained to the police !! because they wanted Babs arrested for using the loudspeaker !! The Daily Mail, along with other 'news' media like the BBC, were really part of, what they knew was a covert government run operation to try and cause us serious harm. The Daily Mail had illegally tried 'doorstepping' Babs in a lift in the High Court on 21 June 2010, after she had started lawfully 'blowing the whistle' in court on what was really going on.]
"To the casual observer they [Democracy Village who arrived on 1 May 2010]  appear to be a group of hardcore protesters determined to take their campaign against the Afghanistan war to the very heart of the British Government. But after a fortnight living amongst the mish-mash of tents, protest banners and rainbow peace flags in the shadow of Big Ben, a very different picture emerged. By the time I arrived the camp had become little more than an al fresco dormitory for drug takers, drunks and the homeless. After my first night's sleep had been broken by the chimes of Big Ben every 15 minutes I emerged from my tent to discover a subdued atmosphere in the camp. A quick inspection of my companions' tents found many of them empty. Either they have got up exceptionally early to run an errand or, perhaps more likely, they have found a more comfortable place to sleep at night. The Democracy village protesters are camped alongside the long-term demonstrator Brian Haw, who set up camp on the pavement in 2001 in protest at Britain’s foreign policy against Iraq. Mr Haw has not taken kindly to the recent invasion and believes it may disrupt his ‘legitimate’ protest."
"At the peak of Democracy Village’s “occupation” of the square last summer, the protestors garnered considerable negative publicity. The camp became increasingly popular with alcoholics and drug-takers. In that context, it is not so surprising that Babs Tucker, Brian Haw’s number two, told television crews that “They are not our anti-war campaign.”
Everyone knows that lot, Democracy Village, was set up in there,” says the nameless gentlemen, this time pointing over the road to the Palace of Westminster, “to use as an excuse to clear us all out. They are establishment agents.”
Their 'covert' government run campaigns called Peacestrike & Democracy Village came legally unstuck incl. because they were really the one and same, run by the same people, who were publicly -lying- about 'complying' with ss 132-138 SOCPA 2005 that while being used against our Parliament Square Peace Campaign, was not used against their Democracy Village who built a tent -city- in Parliament Square !!
The 'covert' government operation used undercovers to unlawfully arrest Brian and Babs on a number of occasions including 25 May 2010.




...will continue to "offend" as she shows "no regard" for the "British Justice System"

source: Belgravia Police "Custody" Record 02.04.2012
The government lost all the court cases and still refused to return all the stolen property, which they stashed in the Museum of London so it could not be used, while they misrepresented they spoke for Brian and myself and so on, all without our consent.
In October 2007, when 7/7 Livingstone knew he was on his way out, while trying to cover up he had always been working with Blair, he maliciously had false and malicious allegations he had unlawfully arrested us over published, knowing that we had won the malicious prosecution he tried to bring against us:
"...Mr Cameron [current UK PM] today told Sky News' Sunday Live a future Tory government would [illegally use the entire apparatus of the violent corporate state to] take steps to have it [Parliament Square Peace Campaign] removed...

"...I am all for demonstrations, but my argument is `Enough is enough'."
David Cameron & Co could not take or hold Parliament Square, while our civilian resistance remains far more interested in seeing his signed and dated witness statement over the 'steps' he nevertheless illegally took.
"...Barbara Tucker, who has been [resisting NATO] protesting in Parliament Square for 10 years [7 years] uninterrupted and for the last 103 days without shelter, said talk of a loophole was a red herring as the law [legislation used by Wheeler's..husband] itself was invalid.

Ms Tucker said: “If she [Marina Wheeler] was a real human rights lawyer she would be saying nobody should be arrested, pulled up before the courts and lose their job for [resisting] protesting against this government.."
Corporate legislation the murderous British State specifically made to try to violently criminalize and try to smash our long-standing campaign:

we did the 'time' to prove there is no 'crime' and civilians can get violent legislative frauds...repealed
A snapshot above of doing the 'time' to prove there is no 'crime' in not having the "permission" of the Genocidal British regime to uphold civilian society's rule of law, that is the opposite of their violent corporate legislative frauds.
The only purpose in selective/arbitrary 'summons'/unlawful 'arrests' processed through Magistrates courts (I live 24/7 civilian resistance) was to try and illegally prevent our having access to a civilian High Court jury to get legislation that had no lawful state 'power' of 'seizure' of civilian people or their property (banners & shelter) repealed.
ss 132-18 socpa 2005 was finally repealed in march 2012
(our High Court jury claim seeking the next repeal, against the British government over the latest legislation in the British High Court, is HQ12X03564)


These are some of our High Court proceedings: (which do not include the very many more malicious prosecutions brought against our campaign, in Magistrates and Crown Courts)

Our -counterclaim- in HQ11X00563 remains outstanding.
We have a number of existing ground-breaking High Court claims against the British government incl. HQ12X01972 (the massive police raid on May 23rd 2006), HQ12X02745, HQ12X03564 (the massive police raid on January 16th 2012) & HQ13X03488.
Our case against the British government is put simply, that the British government attempts to illegally try to murder campaign members and smash our campaign -because- the British government is committing Genocide.

 the rise of the...law abiding...majority.
"...never before seen...rebellion which is anti-elite... anti-press..."

Every single day, billions of people all around the world, unlike corporate 'politicians' and their many layers of propagandists including the heavily 'filtered' news media, continue to not harm anyone else.  


The civilian society's rule of law can (ie: nationally) both prosecute war criminals (using universal jurisdiction & the precedent of Nuremberg) and as our campaign has proved, repeal violent corporate 'legislation'. 


The European Court of Human Rights was specifically created to uphold the Nuremberg Trials through the oversight of EU 'governments', after 'royal' and 'political' leaders engineered the slaughter of civilians across Europe in World War One & Two.


War, which is always illegal and only ever started for financial interests, only ever targets civilians, to try and murder real resistance, that will only ever come from the people, who are always the law abiding majority.


"...war did not just happen it was planned and prepared for over a long period of time and with no small skill and cunning....

...the entire structure of offices and officials was dedicated to the criminal purposes and committed to the use of the criminal methods planned by these defendants and their co-conspirators...

...always contemplated not merely overcoming current opposition but exterminating elements which could not be reconciled with its philosophy of the state.

We have here the surviving top politicians, militarists, financiers, diplomats, administrators, and propagandists... Who was responsible for these crimes if they were not?

.....this declaration of the law has taken them by surprise....they really are surprised that there is any such thing as law.

International law, natural law, any law at all was to these men simply a propaganda device to be invoked when it helped and to be ignored when it would condemn what they wanted to do.

...the ultimate step in avoiding wars, which are inevitable in a system of international lawlessness, is to make statesmen responsible to law...[Nuremberg Trials]
Our old website www.parliament-square.org.uk was hijacked by the British government and transferred in June 2013, to a rather opaque tooth fairy, called Jonathan Mallia, in Malta. That website, which is untruthful, does not reflect, and is not associated with our continuing campaign (refer: background)
Likewise the Wikipedia entry on Brian Haw does not reflect our campaign and was not endorsed by Brian Haw. The Wikipedia entry, mainly comprises mainstream media inventions, that have been added by people we do not know, that mostly just repeat the "official government" lies, about our campaign. Two links that direct to our campaign, have been added with our knowledge to the Wikipedia entry, on Brian, although the "supporters" link on Wikipedia, still goes to the old hijacked website. refer: "It's the Kids Stupid" written by Brian in December 2010, on this website.


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